To get started …

Well, there should be a beginning for everything and yes, it’s the beginning for this blog! So, let’s go over this cliche quick.

It’s going to be a technical blog about networking, as its name implies: some tweets about networking! I’m prone to cloud topics, though it won’t be limited to cloud stuff. You may ask do we need just another blog about networking or cloud computing? Ummm, I would say the number of ways to approach a problem equals the number of people who think about it. Networking and cloud is not a different story and this variety in techniques is beautiful!

My name is Mehdi Kianpour, now living in Canada. It’s like 15 years I’m working in this field and I think I can add something to online resources that may help other people fix their issues or understand a concept quicker. Recently, I’m engaged in some projects that are dependant on cloud technologies. Of course, we all know that cloud is the new (almost new) trend, while comparing to other networking stuff, there is less independent information over Internet. I will try to talk about some less experienced tasks and address some yet unknown issues and I hope this blog to be useful in this field.

And last but not least, I’m looking forward to hear from everybody (in specific other specialists) in my blog about the topics I cover or any other comment. So, see you soon!