vCloud Automation Center Installation – 2

Although as I said the vCAC installation guide by Kendrick Coleman is fairly complete, there is something that can be added. In part 4, item 4, I was able to get “Native Active Directory” working that is easier for assigning administrator to vsphere.local. Maybe because I’m using vCAC 6.0.1. But remember that Native Active Directory can be used only for default tenant. So, specifying default tenant administrator using Native Active Directory is as follows:

  • Click on vsphere.local and go to ‘Identity stores’, click on ‘+’ to Add Identity Store. Choose ‘Native Active Directory’ from Type drop-down menu. Now the only thing that should be defined is: Domain, the other fields would get grey/inactive. If everything goes well, the Active Directory domain will appear in Identity Stores list.


  • Then, go to Administrators tab and search for a specific user like ‘’. Do this for both Tenant Administrator and Infrastructure Administrator roles.


That’s all. Default tenant administrator is specified.


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